View the 2015 Committee Descriptions Acquisitions Responsible for collecting donations from the community to be auctioned off during Mardi de Montfort Will be provided with a list of past donors Will be provided with all information and paperwork needed to collect donations

View Our List of Auction Item Suggestions

Mardi Gift Gathering Parties (GGP’s) Need one person to be point of contact for people interested in holding GGP’s The point of contact will help people brainstorm ideas for GGPs The point of contact will provide GGP hosts with information regarding basic “how to’s” of GGPs
  • How to run a GGP
  • How to provide receipts to donors
  • How to submit money/donations to accounting
Class Artwork This committee is headed by Carole Thor Items made by students are raffled/sold at different points throughout the school year (parent/teacher conferences and at Mardi) with funds raised going to Mardi de Montfort Volunteers are needed to:
  • Purchase supplies needed for projects
  • Help students complete the artwork in the classroom (takes approximately 30 minutes per class)
  • Brainstorm new ideas for artwork
  • Assist with “finishing touches” (ex. cutting out shapes to later be Modge Podged, gluing finished items, etc.)
Class Parties Assist teachers in preparing and executing after school GGP’s for students Need one point of contact to be a liaison between teachers and Mardi and additional volunteers who will assist teachers in brainstorming party ideas, purchasing supplies and snacks, and to be present at the parties Ministry Outreach Need one volunteer to be point of contact between Mardi and the various church ministries Other volunteers will assist ministry groups in holding GGPs, or collecting items for Mardi auction Provide ministries with information on Mardi activities Please contact Susan Wagner or Carole Thor for more information.