Mardi 2019 Fund-A-Project:

School Library Update

Fundraising Goal: $40,000

Did you know that the SLDM school library is used for (K-4) Library classes, (1-4) Spanish classes, P.T.O., Faculty, and School 
Advisory Council meetings, Family Groups, and the Scholastic Book Fair?

Our goal is to update the school library in order to create an environment that meets the needs of the many groups who utilize it.
New technology would enhance presentations and daily lessons. Mobile tables and stackable chairs would allow the library space to
be transformed as needed. An open floor plan would encourage collaboration and enhance the overall flow of the library.

Overall, an update to our school library would benefit the students, faculty, and parents of our wonderful SLDM community.

One way to do this is to “invest” by donating to the SLDM School Library Update fund. We will come together as a community, on
March 2nd, to celebrate our school and donate to the fund!

Click to see the SLDM Library Update Project flyer.